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Limagito Lite

Limagito Lite Editor's Review

Limagito is a free advanced utility that allows you to move, copy, or delete files that can be found in a folder. In my opinion, the main purpose of this software is to keep two directories synchronized or to backup the data in a specific directory. You could also use it to keep your temporary files directory empty.

The main window of this application has two main parts. On top, you can configure details about the input/output files or folders. Basically, the first step you should take would be to configure the source/output folders. Here you can also select rule, server and application options. Underneath, you can choose to process only certain files by adding a filter. You can also decide to backup the source files, to perform a checksum verification, to backup only newer files, to execute a certain command after the move/copy/delete operation is done and so on.

The settings of the destination can be modified according to your needs. It's possible to select multiple folders as the destination. You can also set the application to copy a file only when it's modified or to encrypt the data during the copy/move process. Both the source and the destination of the rule you define can be a FTP server. Even more, the destination can be configured to be a mail account, provided you specify the SMTP settings.

Finally, you can view a log of the current operations. I must also add that the program can be set up to start automatically with Windows and it can be moved to the system tray. Scheduling tasks is also an available option.

Pluses: The program has a built-in web server which allows you to see Limagito's runtime log, from another computer, over the internet or over your local network.

Drawbacks / flaws:

In conclusion: Well done. This is a very good and stable software, although, in my opinion, the user interface can be confusing - so you need to pay attention to what you're doing.

version reviewed:

What's Required in Version of Limagito Lite

Depends on the amount of Moving Rules.

What's New in Version of Limagito Lite

# BugFix Mail on no file available event (v9.104.7.0)

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